Wilful ignorance and why if you’re in your 30’s you have to read this

Metaphorically everyone gets caught with their pants down. It happens for all sorts of reasons at all sorts of different times, but the best excuse comes down to ‘not knowing’

Seems innocent right?

After all if you don’t know something then how are you supposed to take it into account?

The problem is that Ignorance is not an excuse. It doesn’t work. It never does. It shouldn’t!

Imagine this

Try going to court and telling the judge that you should be let off because you didn’t know!

It’s laughable, but it doesn’t stop people from trying. But here is the good thing about this type of defence being thrown out each time. If people were able to use ignorance as an excuse and get away with it, then the flood gates to ignorance and stupidity would be open. No one would be accountable. No one would take ownership … ever.

I’m sorry your honour, I didn’t know it was a school zone and that I wasn’t allowed to treat the road as a race track.” Said the defendant innocently while struggling to save their privilege to drive on the roads.

Oh really? Well in that case, you know now. Don’t do it again. Next case.” the judge said dismissively while contemplating self-harm in the wake of the 23rd use of the ignorant defence that day.

It’s all on you

Ignorance is no excuse and nothing ignores it more than life in general. If you’re thirty today [30] and you fail to invest in yourself, your finances, and your quality of life only to retire into poverty by the time 2056 comes around, no one is going to care to look after you.

In 2056 when you say “you didn’t know”, no one is going to give you a hand out. No one is going to accept that excuse and give you what you think you’re entitled to. In fact most people will be on the same path.

The only thing worse than ignorance is ‘Wilful Ignorance’ … seeing something wrong, Knowing it’s going to be bad and doing nothing about it anyway.

The statistics are shocking, only 1 in 500 will retire financially independent and successful. 88% of people do not invest and will depend on the retirement pension. The rest in the middle will have more than poverty but not enough to fulfil their dreams.

The evidence is out there, and the writing is on the wall – the future is going to be a tough place if you don’t prepare now!

On the 25th of July at 8:00pm; For free I’m going to show you the current picture, the details of what a job is not going to give you, what you will need and why you need to act.

It is going to be life changing.

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