When are you ready to Instruct?

The day will come when you teach others

A step into the Unknown

There are many key points in life. Graduating from High School, getting your driver’s license, getting your first full time job, moving out, the list goes on.

Each event is significant because each is a new experience . . . a venture into the unknown. Venturing into the unknown comes with uncertainty—getting out of your comfort zone.

Teaching others is no different with one exception. Teaching involves people around you. Teaching others and helping them gain new skills also comes with significant responsibility. Each time you teach either one person or ten, or more—you now become their source of their new skills and there level of achievement is based down to the work you have put into them.

So when do I get started?

So as scary as this is—when are you ready to teach?

Unfortunately there is no concrete answer! In fact by the time you’re ready to teach, the chances are that you already have.

By the time you start to instruct the chances are you’ve already hit some milestones. You’ve likely already helped others around you.

You’ve already looked at improving skills or processes or even taken it upon yourself to improve others around you.

Are you the helper?

You’re also likely the source of answers where people ask you how to get something done—if any of these sound familiar then you’re probably at the top of the ‘knowledge’ tree with the people around you.

And that’s the key point here. If you’re the primary source of information—if you’re the person people ask for help rather than the person asking then the chances are you’re in the box seat to start instructing, start educating others. 

This gets further reinforced when you begin to encounter the same questions with increasing frequency. The more time you spend dealing with handling each individual case the more need you have to teach others.

When will you be ready to teach? Look at how much time you’re already spending helping others . . . the answer will be there.

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