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Why a job will lead to financial failure – Free Webinar

May 27 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

How a Job will lead to financial Failure

how a job will leave you broke

In this presentation I reveal the tragically shocking proof on exactly how and why a time trading job will lead to financial failure, and how you are more likely than ever to retire into poverty.

During this 1 hour presentation we look at how much you can earn over your professional lifetime and how much you will actually be able to make use of.

We compare the financial landscape today to how it was 30 years ago, to see exactly how much harder it is to achieve true financial freedom than ever.

I Show you the undeniable proof that what you earn is not proportional to the time you put in at the office, and how the cost of living is growing faster than the current income and show you beyond any doubt that you cannot time trade and ‘work’ your way to wealth.

We look at and assess the social cost of financial failure and the burden on those closest you who will pay the price.

We examine the real power of compounding and how you can earn millions more in your life time for only a small percentage of the time you would ever hand over at a job.

And Finally we look at the true importance of cash flow and how when money is used as a tool, it can re-write the rule book on how you live your life.

This 1 hour presentation is a must attend event for anyone already asking questions about their financial future and for anyone thinking about starting their own cash flow machine.

  • Why a job will fail you
  • How your job will fail you
  • How much you’ll earn in your lifetime
  • Comparing strategies between 1990 and 2020
  • The burden on those around you
  • The power of compounding
  • The absolute importance of Cash Flow
  • Why earning money is not time dependent
  • The Proof you cannot work your way to wealth & security



May 27
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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