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How you have been raised to be poor – Free Webinar

June 3 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

How you’ve been raised to be poor, Webinar

Learn how and why everything you know about money has set you up to be poor and to feel guilty about wanting what you know you want and deserve, both for yourself and also for those you truly care about.

In this free 1 hour presentation we get to explore how the seeds of your personal and financial success are sewn before you even start going to school.

We explore the single most powerful question which can ever be asked which causes the whole financial recipe for life to come crashing down. This is also the same question that opens doors and reveals new personal opportunities for personal success.

We take a closer look at personal curiosity and how we have been raised to grow up and live without it.

We look at how the very earliest questions we ever asked about achieving more and achieving better were asked to the wrong people, and how we’ve been sub-consciously programmed to accept the answers we were given for life.

We explore the research minefield, where the modern age seemingly prevents us from finding answers to even some of the most basic questions which keep us fixed on a path to poverty.

During this presentation we also dive into your social circle, to take a look at what your social beliefs and values are, and how the people who are the closest to you can be the ones holding you back the most. We explore a lifetime of investment which hopes to keep you poor and just over broke, before revealing who walks the path to success.

And Finally we take a look at what happens when you seriously want better, and a final critical assessment of what true financial failure looks like.

This 1 hour presentation is a must see for anyone who wants to break free of the rat race and the daily grind, so they can achieve what their personal life and financial goals.

  • The One question that brings the whole rat race unstuck
  • How social beliefs at childhood have set you up for long term failure
  • How you have been programmed not to be curious
  • How you have been asking the wrong questions to the wrong people
  • How you have been given the wrong answers to wealth your entire life
  • How you’ve been stopped from doing the research you need to succeed
  • How your social circle keeps you fixed in poverty
  • What happens when you want better
  • What financial failure truly looks like


June 3
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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