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How Being an Educator is your gateway to success – Free Webinar

June 24 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Welcome to the complete overview of ‘Teaching for Profit’ and how the business of instructing your clients can slingshot you towards a 6+ figure income.

In This 1 hour presentation we take a high level overview of why you need to change your mindset, and exactly why and how a job will fail you in the 21st century.

We look at the single most powerful question which brings the rat race completely undone, and also opens doors and minds to change and new possibilities.

We take a snapshot of the secrets of the rich and the financially independent, and we look at the mistake they make – the same mistake which is your opportunity to earn more, work less and secure your future.

We also look at the end goal of financial investments to make passive income happen and the options that are available.

Then we dive into ‘Teaching for Profit’. This is the only presentation where we go deep into the Teaching for Profit program and business model which can make you an industry authority in your field and open the doors to 6+ figure incomes.

This 1 hour presentation is a must attend event for anyone with high value skills, knowledge, information, processes, or systems who wants to reach more customers, change lives for the better and achieve more in less time than ever.

  • Learn about the ultimate scaleable side hustle
  • Learn about how to work less
  • Why you can earn more
  • A Complete overview of the ‘Teaching for Profit’ Program
  • A closer look at the 5 courses in ‘Teaching for Profit’
  • The complete ‘Teaching for Profit’ business model and roadmap
  • The Complete end to end student support program
  • Explore the opportunity to make 25x mode money for every hour time invested.


June 24
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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