The Latte of Fury

By the time you get to the end of this, you’re either going to like me (and this page), or you’re going to hate me.

I had an interesting conversation today. Actually it wasn’t mine. I wasn’t even part of it. It was a conversation near me.

You can easily say I shouldn’t eaves drop! Sure! Please let me know how to selectively mute people. Besides if people want to speak with excess volume then I can only assume they want to be heard.

So I listened.

It was an exchange between a younger daughter and her mother. Long story short the mother was getting very upset about complicated protections for her mobile phone account.

She was more than just a little vocal about how she had to setup a password to verify her identity should she ever wish to change anything. She was talking about how she couldn’t just use a simple password but had to have numbers in there as well. All very complicated!

Then came the PIN number. The password wasn’t enough. She had to set a PIN. Even more complicated.

The mother was fuming about this part of her day. She called the person who helped her some rather colorful adjectives, all as the daughter tried to explain to her that she needed it as another way to verify her identity, protect herself from fraud and so that she could access her account via the app on her phone. The daughter was trying to explain all of this while desperately trying to keep a lid on things with mum.

Finally the mother let out the final bit of frustration out when she started talking about how she couldn’t pay her bill with cash and how inconsiderate they were when they had to setup a direct debit.

The daughter was getting very frustrated while trying to explain that this is how things worked now!

Somewhere down deep the mother knew she was defeated. Her daughter had managed to help her through an administratively challenging event and without her daughter there she knew that she would have been in trouble.

By now the daughter just wanted to enjoy a coffee with her mum.

But the mother had other ideas. She wasn’t done just yet.

Somewhere despite her defeat, she needed a victory. Then (you guessed it) the rant turned to money. The mother’s tone turned from frustration to outright violation when she realised that she wouldn’t even have control over how she paid her bill any longer.

They’re taking the money straight from my account, those rotten [insert adjective here]. Why is it so hard? Why can’t it just be the same as always? They shouldn’t be allowed to do this!

The daughters frustration was starting to show through as she started talking at her mother through gritted teeth as she tried to explain having it setup like this would make things easier.

But it didn’t matter. The mother just snapped back at her daughter saying it doesn’t matter what its supposed to do, she just didn’t like it; it’s too hard and its wrong that money can be taken straight from your account.

And there it was.

Resistance! Extreme resistance.

Why am I writing about this?

Because the world moves, and if you’re not paying attention it’ll move quick. And it won’t wait for you. If you’re not there, it’s gone and it’s your job to catch up.

As the two of them finally actually had their coffee, the mother started talking about all of the other things that she thought that was wrong with the world, and [surprise] it came down to money.

More appropriately about how there are those who have too much [sure … okay] and how there are those who don’t.

This is where you’re going to hate me or follow me.

Haters will hate!

Yes there are those who have and there are those that do not, but in this isolated case it’s obvious which side she [the mother] was on.

Now I may not know the mothers circumstances but one of the things that the rich and the financially independent do is to make sure they do the little things … especially regarding their money. When they do the little things, they can then focus on the big things.

When you spend time on the big things, you can achieve more.

If you can’t take care of the little things today, you have almost no hope of achieving your goals and dreams tomorrow.

Love it or hate it, I’ll be going deeper in the ‘Secrets of the rich and financially independent’ on the 25th of July 8:00pm via zoom, and it will be the most valuable 90 minutes of your life.

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