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Which Financial Strategy is best for you?

When it comes to gaining your financial independence, every educator swears by their own systems, but is one truly better ...
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Why money for time is a poor trade

Do you really need to work for money? This is a question that not many people ever ask? But for ...
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How superannuation won’t help you retire early

Do you want to retire early? Who doesn’t? Besides you should. But if you really want to become financially independent ...
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Why a Bank is the worst place to have your money

How do banks make money? Like any business banks generate income. Long story short, banks make money by loaning money ...
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Why being Rich and being Financially independent are different.

If you had to make the choice between being Rich or being Financially independent which would you choose? The true ...
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Why jobs aren’t safe anymore and neither are you

Simple question! If you could replace a person with a program or device that doesn’t ask for time off, talk ...
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Setup for Life – What is Seed Money?

Give it enough time, and everyone gets that warped dream of firing their boss, being financially independent, retiring early and living their life however they hell they like. There is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. ‘ … Setup for life …’

It also goes with many other expressions …

Bigger contributions to the 401K or Superannuation will ‘Set you up for life.’ Winning the lottery can ‘set you up for life.’ That next high paying job will basically ‘Set you up for life.’ This is the deal that will ‘Set you up for life.’

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