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Theory or Revision – When do Students learn?

(Photo: gabs-studies) People are not equal! It may seem incorrect to say but we’re not. Adding to that all clients ...
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Is Having a Success Dream selfish?

The difference between being self-centred and selfish The first point that has to be made is that these are two ...
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Why Cash Flow is King

How bad can it get? The stats are pretty horrific. 88% of people do not invest, and on average 1 ...
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Are you Presenting or Teaching?

If you were asked by someone to explain the difference between presenting and teaching what would you say? You’d probably ...
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How long does it take to save for a holiday?

Is this what I’m writing about today? Sure is! Somewhere we all have a guilty, selfish, perverse dream to take ...
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The power of tapping into your Motivators

Anyone who has experienced failure has also had to deal with the spectre of giving up. As the saying goes ...
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What $150,000 Looks like for your independence

The gross value Previously I asked the question of how much it takes to retire early. This same question also ...
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How much do you need to retire early?

What is retirement? When most people think of retirement the first thing people tend to think about is the freedom ...
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Why your success starts in your head first

What is success? Getting past ‘Selfish’ The whole idea of personal success is an abstract idea. Namely everyone has a ...
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How you’ve been setup for financial failure

School and Life Decisions Do you know that you’ve been setup for financial failure? It’s a confronting question that not ...
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How you’re worth $1 Million per year

Step 1: Get over self-doubt You only need to look at anyone who provides a service to understand that information ...
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How Low interest rates impact your future

The RBA Cash Rate On the first Tuesday of every month the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announces the official ...
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Setup for Life – What is Seed Money?

Give it enough time, and everyone gets that warped dream of firing their boss, being financially independent, retiring early and living their life however they hell they like. There is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. ‘ … Setup for life …’

It also goes with many other expressions …

Bigger contributions to the 401K or Superannuation will ‘Set you up for life.’ Winning the lottery can ‘set you up for life.’ That next high paying job will basically ‘Set you up for life.’ This is the deal that will ‘Set you up for life.’

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