Are you Presenting or Teaching?

If you were asked by someone to explain the difference between presenting and teaching what would you say?

You’d probably suggest that there isn’t much difference, right?

What if I were to tell you that if you said the above, you’d be very, very wrong? Since this was first posted in 2019 prior to the pandemic, education has changed. For better or the worse it has changed … but we’re not here to question content, we’re here to clarify the technique of delivery.

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How long should a lesson be?

It not usually something that you think about, but an important factor regarding training outcomes, is How long should a lesson be? The other perspective is ‘How long would it take to learn this?

I said previously that training is expensive, and more often than not, you may not have the time you need, to do a subject justice. Even simple, mundane tasks, can take far longer than anticipated to teach to someone learning it for the first time. Unless it’s a legal requirement, businesses will often forego training all together, just because it doesn’t move the business needle now.

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Workshops. Are they the best type of Class?

I just read recently that if you spend long enough following someone on social media you’ll learn who they truly are—they’re political alignment, they’re sense of humor, they’re beliefs etc. To an extent I find this to be true, especially when someone’s back is up to the wall, you’ll see their true nature. You’ll see what they will do to survive, and who they’ll sacrifice along the way or . . . you will see something extraordinary.

You also get to learn about people as they observe things. There are those who will watch the world go by and criticize everything around them without knowing anything about what they’re talking about, and then there are those who will blindly say that everyone is simply trying their best no matter what the outcome or effort is—and they are only two ends of the spectrum.

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Coaching & Teaching-What’s the Difference?

Coaching and Teaching are very closely related! In fact some instructors will often coach during teaching and vice versa. So if they’re so similar how do you know which one you’re doing and when to do so? What’s the difference?

Between Coaching & Teaching-What’s the difference?

Before we go into the differences let’s take a look at what each are.

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How the internet has revolutionised information

It’s not far-fetched to say that the internet has changed our lives in dramatic ways. But regardless of what you use it for in “The age of information” the internet has revolutionised information both in terms of what is available and also how easily information of all sorts is now accessible.

I previously wrote about why jobs are not safe any longer and how as little as a generation ago it was common to spend a decade or more with one employer.

Today the work ‘battlespace’ space has shifted. Temporary workers are becoming the norm and time within a position can be limited to months.

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