How superannuation won’t help you retire early

Do you want to retire early?

Who doesn’t?  Besides you should. But if you really want to become financially independent before ‘retirement’ then there are some things you absolutely need to know about your superannuation fund and how it isn’t going to help you get there.

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How house hold wealth is in the wrong places

How would you feel if someone told you that you’re hard earned money was sitting in the wrong places?

Would you want to tell them to mind their own business or, would you be curious to know where your money could work better for you?

If your answer is to mind my own business well here is the public information.

If you’re curious to know how to make your money work, then read on.

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Wilful ignorance and why if you’re in your 30’s you have to read this

Metaphorically everyone gets caught with their pants down. It happens for all sorts of reasons at all sorts of different times, but the best excuse comes down to ‘not knowing’

Seems innocent right?

After all if you don’t know something then how are you supposed to take it into account?

The problem is that Ignorance is not an excuse. It doesn’t work. It never does. It shouldn’t!

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