Are you teaching others? Is your knowledge in demand? Do you develop peoples skills? These 3 modules running over 14 hours has been designed to give team leaders and instructors the information you need to design, develop and present highly interactive and engaging training lessons.

Ranging from creating single lessons, developing instructional skills, all the way to designing and creating your own customised instructional programs-every aspect of instruction, trainee engagement and course development is covered.

When you complete these modules you will be able to instruct at an industry leading level by gaining and holding the attention of trainees, delivering training with confidence and the authority your expertise demands, and achieve the highest levels of trainee achievement.

Who is this for?
If you’re a team leader, manager or anyone looking to learn how to Develop your own lessons, Instruct or deliver training in the workplace, develop your instructional skills or develop your own course package to adult trainees then these training modules will be ideal for you.

Please note: This course is not nationally accredited in line with the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of these courses you will be able to;

Conduct a range of lessons types to classes of varying size to maximise learning.
Improve instructional skills and how to monitor learning to identify areas of personal development.
Deliver lessons with confidence, and maintain the attention of trainees.
Make use of appropriate training aids during the delivery of training.
Identify training drivers to design and develop training to meet specific requirements.
Appropriately schedule lessons within developed courses for course implementation.
Identify areas to enhance your course through review and trainee feedback.

Topics Covered





Module 1 – How to Deliver a Structured Lesson
Instructor Qualities
Types of Lesson
Preparing for Instruction
Lesson Structure and Stages

Module 2 – Instructor Development Program
Communication Techniques
Questioning Technique
Observation Skills
Fault Correction
Counselling of trainees
Coaching of trainees
Training Aids





Module 3 – How to Deliver a Structured Program
Training Drivers
Program setup & Applicant Qualification
Assessment of Trainees
Assessment of Instructors
Administrative and Joining Instructions
Pre-Course work & Barrier Testing
Course Scheduling
After Action reviews & Course Surveys.

Delivery Mode
This course is delivered in 3 modules & 28 lessons over 14 hours of guided instruction, allowing you to work through the material at your own pace. Each lesson is permanently available so that each lesson is ready when you are.

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