Module 1 – How to deliver a Structured Lesson.

A Better tomorrow, starts with the actions taken today. At Ronc Industries this starts with developing people. As an expert in your field, the best way to grow is to pass on what you know—to teach people, and to make others more than they are.

You’re an expert at what you do and people want to learn from you. Learning how to instruct & teaching is the art of communicating what you know to others.

Whether it is simply wanting to deliver the best lesson you can, start working on your own program content & delivery or training new people within your organisation, there is nothing more important than making sure your messages gets across the first time.

The Module 1 package will give you all the skills, tools & knowledge you need to take what you know as an expert and show you how to instruct like a seasoned professional, with Confidence, Presence & Authority.

Module 1—How to deliver a structured lesson, will cover everything you need from;

Instructor Qualities, Multiple lesson types, Learning outcomes as well as lesson planning & structure to make sure that you gain the attention of your audience and have them learning everything you can present to them.

The Module 1 package is designed for; Team leaders, Subject Experts & anyone who is looking to learn how to teach what they know to others.