Flat Washer Pack


  • Full range of flat washers for bolts from M1.6-to-M64 & 1/4 (0.2500) -to-4.000 inch in *.SLDPRT file format.
  • Drawn from open source information as close to standard as possible.
  • A comprehensive suite of high use, high repetition parts to check all your fixtures
  • Maximum thickness and pitch to ensure accurate bolt sizing prior to construction and assembly
  • One time Purchase, lifetime ownership of purchased files.


Full range of Flat washers for bolts from M1.6-to-M64 & 1/4 (0.2500) -to-4.000 inch in *.SLDPRT file format. All Files are ready to edit and customize to individual or project standards, and ready to edit for personal part libraries.

All dimensions drawn to maximum dimensional values for assembly validation within Solidworks.

Complete File Listing

Washer 0.2500.SLDPRT
Washer 0.3125.SLDPRT
Washer 0.3750.SLDPRT
Washer 0.4375.SLDPRT
Washer 0.5000.SLDPRT
Washer 0.6250.SLDPRT
Washer 0.7500.SLDPRT
Washer 0.8750.SLDPRT
Washer 1.0000.SLDPRT
Washer 1.1250.SLDPRT
Washer 1.2500.SLDPRT
Washer 1.3750.SLDPRT
Washer 1.5000.SLDPRT
Washer 1.7500.SLDPRT
Washer 2.0000.SLDPRT
Washer 2.2500.SLDPRT
Washer 2.5000.SLDPRT
Washer 2.7500.SLDPRT
Washer 3.0000.SLDPRT
Washer 3.2500.SLDPRT
Washer 3.5000.SLDPRT
Washer 3.7500.SLDPRT
Washer 4.0000.SLDPRT
Washer M1.6.SLDPRT
Washer M10.SLDPRT
Washer M12.SLDPRT
Washer M16.SLDPRT
Washer M2.5.SLDPRT
Washer M2.SLDPRT
Washer M20.SLDPRT
Washer M24.SLDPRT
Washer M3.SLDPRT
Washer M30.SLDPRT
Washer M36.SLDPRT
Washer M39.SLDPRT
Washer M4.SLDPRT
Washer M42.SLDPRT
Washer M45.SLDPRT
Washer M48.SLDPRT
Washer M5.SLDPRT
Washer M52.SLDPRT
Washer M56.SLDPRT
Washer M6.SLDPRT
Washer M60.SLDPRT
Washer M64.SLDPRT
Washer M8.SLDPRT



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