BSP Thread Pack


  • Full range of BSP (British Standard Pipe Parallel, 55 Degree) Male and Female threads pairs in *.SLDPRT file format.
  • Drawn from open source information as close to standard as possible.
  • 55 degree thread packs ready to insert into assemblies.
  • Male / Female pairs from size 4.5-to-18 not included in this pack.
  • One time Purchase, lifetime ownership of purchased files.


Full range of BSP (British Standard Pipe Parallel, 55 Degree) 1/16-to-4, Male and Female threads pairs in *.SLDPRT file format. All Files are ready to edit and customize to individual or project standards, and ready to edit for personal part libraries or be used to as a development starting point – All Values in Metric.

BSPP parts from 4.5-to-18 available on request.

*These BSPP Parts, should ideally be used as an Insert into an Assembly or have new sketches drawn from them to preserve the Helix threads*

All dimensions drawn to maximum values for assembly validation within Solidworks.

Complete File Listing

Female 0.0625.SLDPRT
Female 0.1250.SLDPRT
Female 0.2500.SLDPRT
Female 0.3750.SLDPRT
Female 0.5000.SLDPRT
Female 0.6250.SLDPRT
Female 0.7500.SLDPRT
Female 0.8750.SLDPRT
Female 1.0000.SLDPRT
Female 1.1250.SLDPRT
Female 1.2500.SLDPRT
Female 1.3750.SLDPRT
Female 1.5000.SLDPRT
Female 1.6250.SLDPRT
Female 1.7500.SLDPRT
Female 1.8750.SLDPRT
Female 2.0000.SLDPRT
Female 2.2500.SLDPRT
Female 2.5000.SLDPRT
Female 2.7500.SLDPRT
Female 3.0000.SLDPRT
Female 3.2500.SLDPRT
Female 3.5000.SLDPRT
Female 3.7500.SLDPRT
Female 4.0000.SLDPRT
Male 0.0625.SLDPRT
Male 0.1250.SLDPRT
Male 0.2500.SLDPRT
Male 0.3750.SLDPRT
Male 0.5000.SLDPRT
Male 0.6250.SLDPRT
Male 0.7500.SLDPRT
Male 0.8750.SLDPRT
Male 1.0000.SLDPRT
Male 1.1250.SLDPRT
Male 1.2500.SLDPRT
Male 1.3750.SLDPRT
Male 1.5000.SLDPRT
Male 1.6250.SLDPRT
Male 1.7500.SLDPRT
Male 1.8750.SLDPRT
Male 2.0000.SLDPRT
Male 2.2500.SLDPRT
Male 2.5000.SLDPRT
Male 2.7500.SLDPRT
Male 3.0000.SLDPRT
Male 3.2500.SLDPRT
Male 3.5000.SLDPRT
Male 3.7500.SLDPRT
Male 4.0000.SLDPRT



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