Teaching for Profit Courses

Teaching for profit is more than just a program

Teaching for profit is not just an online multi-course program which teaches you how to become an expert instructor and the dominating authority in your field. Teaching for Profit is a ‘ready to integrate’ revenue stream for your business, which can complement your existing business model or be used on its own for your business.

The Teaching for Profit Model

Your clients want to deal with an expert—And there is no better way to prove you’re the best and only choice in your field when you offer your customers the opportunity to learn from you.

Getting Started with teaching for Profit

The Teaching for Profit program, is delivered online in 4 step by step courses which teach you everything you need to know to design, develop, implement and evaluate the training that you’ll give, so that you only provide the absolute best quality of instruction to your best clients. 

Core Starting Skills - The Ideal Introduction to Teaching

You might have pitched an idea before, but have you pitched something that your client doesn’t understand—something that is completely new to them? Imagine trying to get an idea across that opens doors and changes the way people see things.

The Core Starting skills introductory course is short course that teaches you how to communicate the biggest ideas to your clients & how to use the exact same story structure that is used in Hollywood to keep your client engaged for as long as they need you.

Core Starting Skills is the ultimate starting course for any instructor who wants to employ powerful instructional skills as soon as they complete this course.

Lesson Development & Delivery

The Lesson Development and Delivery Course is the Course that will teach you how to prepare, design, deliver and implement training for your clients, regardless of the subject matter that you cover. 

Lesson Development & Delivery is all about creating and delivering training, so that you’ll know exactly how to explain why each training session is being delivered, where each session fits into the greater skill as well as how to work with a common lesson blueprint which will allow you to teach both, theoretical material in person or in recorded formats and control practice with your audience to build and develop student skills so that you can make sure your students achieve real useful learning outcomes.

Instructor Development

The Instructor Development Course builds on your knowledge and experience of developing and delivering training by teaching you all of the skills that you need to work with your students.

Instructor Development is all about you! This is where you’re going to learn all about how to communicate with your audience, ask the right questions in the right way to prove learning has been achieved, learn how to correct faults in the right way to stop your students from forming bad practices before they can become habits and where you’ll learn all about how to coach & counsel students to reach their full potential and establish yourself as the master in your industry.

Course Development & Rollout

The Course development & Rollout Course teaches you exactly what you need to know to get everything ready and prepared for your clients, both before you even offer your course through to the final review long after your clients have left so that you can make on going material & delivery better for the students that you haven’t even reached yet.

This Course provides extended content surrounding complete course development – all the way from analysis, design, development through to implementation and evaluation once the course has been run for further development. This is where you learn to raise the bar!


You are not on your own! Learning how to become an industry leading instructor is a skill that takes time and guidance. As you go through the courses that you need to satisfy your needs, you’re going to have unlimited access to those courses for later reference—even when the content gets upgraded or when new material is added.

You will also gain exclusive access to subject and skill specific workshops to develop skills you’ve learnt and create immediately workable and actionable outcomes that will get you Teaching for Profit sooner and with more confidence.

Finally as a student of Teaching for Profit you will have access to Individual Coaching, including rehearsal and feedback, Lesson and Course Auditing as well as Independent assessment & feedback to continue your growth as an instructor for your business—a service that is not available to anyone outside of the Teaching for Profit Program.

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