Lesson Development & Delivery

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Overview – Lesson Development & Delivery

Been through training recently? Probably! So Presentations & workshops are all there is to it right?

How does this sound? Imagine your clients knowing exactly why each lesson is delivered before they ever learn anything, so that your clients never ever drop into the old school mentality where they never wonder if training is going to be a waste of time.

Think about being the instructor who gives your clients something . . . new, not just a workshop where you cover things they already know about. How would it feel if you could pick and choose exactly what lesson type you need to use for every single topic you need to teach.

Think about what it looks like when you can conduct controlled practice of a skill in multiple different ways depending on the skill your teaching on.

Now seal the deal and reinforce every lesson together by linking training sessions together so that each subject builds one after the other so that your clients actually learn things from you rather than forget as much as 95% of what you present.

The Lesson Development & Delivery program teaches you exactly how to do all of this. It doesn’t matter if you need to teach in a board room, in a paddock or on the side of a mountain—this course will give you the system you need to design and build lessons around any subject.

Who is this for?

If you’re a team leader, manager or anyone looking to learn how to develop your own lessons, Instruct or deliver training in the workplace or develop your own course package to adult trainees then this training module will be ideal for you.

Please note: This course is not nationally accredited in line with the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of these courses you will be able to;
Understand instructor qualities,
Have an awareness of multiple types of lesson,
How to prepare for instruction,
How to develop a lesson plan &
Teach lessons with a simple structured format.