Instructor Development Program

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Overview – Instructor Development

There is a reason that toolkits have got more than one tool in them—because there’s often more than just one way to get a job done.

There are also different skills that instructors need when they present & deliver training to their audience.

The Instructor Development Course builds on your knowledge and experience of developing and delivering training by teaching you all of the skills that you need to work with your students.

Instructor Development is all about you! This is where you’re going to learn all about how to communicate with your audience, ask the right questions in the right way to prove learning has been achieved, learn how to correct faults in the right way to stop your students from forming bad practices before they can become habits and where you’ll learn all about how to coach & counsel students to reach their full potential and establish yourself as the master in your industry.

As an instructor that is already delivering training, the Instructor Development Program focuses on the skills and techniques to better engage with trainees and enhance learning outcomes by developing instructor skills to better monitor learning.

Who is this for?

As an instructor who is already delivering training to adult trainees, and wanting to develop their skills to better monitor learning, gain better question technique, correct fault and stop bad habits from forming – this program is a must.

Please note: This course is not nationally accredited in line with the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of these courses you will be able to.

Engage with trainees with verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
Improve instructional skills and how to monitor learning to identify areas of personal development.
Deliver lessons with confidence, and maintain the attention of trainees,
Assertively correct faults during practice with trainees;
Counsel and Coach trainees through advanced learning material, and
Make use of appropriate training aids during the delivery of training.