Course Development & Rollout

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Overview – Course Development & Rollout

Now most skills are going to take longer than just an hour to present a learn . . . right? After all if skills were simple chances if they we’d know a lot more about a lot more things . . . make sense? Besides if a skill simply took a few hours to learn, chances are you’d be a lot less likely to trust . . . a personal trainer in the gym or financial independence company who says you can learn everything you need in four hours.

And after all you’re an expert in your skill—how long did it take you to learn everything you know? The point is that the skill you teach—the problem that people come to you to solve, the same problem that you’ve solved hundreds of times isn’t going to be explained in one or two lessons.

You’re going to need to package all of that into a course!

So how much do you know about creating your own course, creating your own program & then getting that ready for delivery?

You have your lessons prepared, but are you just going to arrive and teach for 3 days? Are you just going to let anyone that can pay attend? Are you just going to have some notes for your client and hope that serves their needs? Do you know why they need the training in the first place & have you figured out what to deliver and what to leave for more advanced clients?

The Course development & Rollout program teaches you exactly what you need to know to get everything ready and prepared for your clients, both before you even offer your course through to the final review long after your clients have left so that you can make on going material & delivery better for the students that you haven’t even reached yet.

Imagine what happens and think about what your client says about you when every part of the course from arrival to departure is taken care of, and all they have to do is focus on learning the skills you’re going to teach them. Think about the standard you’re looking to set with the quality of the course that you’re going to provide for your clients. This is where you learn to raise the bar!

Course Development & Rollout is designed for the Entrepreneur or Course manager who has to create their own structured course or courses as part of a larger program.

This Course provides extended content surrounding complete course development – all the way from analysis, design, development through to implementation and evaluation once the course has been run for further development.


Who is this for?

This program has been designed for instructors and entrepreneurs who need to extend the training they deliver beyond individual lessons into larger course packages.

This Course will explain exactly what is needed for the preparation and delivery of your course and is a must for anyone developing a program for delivery either online or in the classroom.

Please note: This course is not nationally accredited in line with the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program you will be able to.

Identify training drivers in order to design and develop training to meet specific requirements.
Appropriately schedule lessons within for course implementation.
Design your course to the level of trainee that will be taught.
Pre-Qualify your trainees before they start on course
Develop assessments for trainees and learn how to assess other instructors.
Identify areas to enhance your course through review and trainee feedback.