Coaching Services

Putting Client Education at the center of your business

Anyone can teach, but when you work with me as a Business & Instructional coach, I’ll not only help you set the goals that you want to achieve with the training aspects of your business, but I’ll give you the skills to get there.

Your Vision

Your Vision is what we work toward

Whatever you teach, whatever your goal is, whether it’s to teach clients valuable skills, or to educate clients or staff so that you can take your business relationships further & deeper I work with you to get you wherever you and your business needs to go.

Are we a Match?

Skills and skill development have tremendous value and potentially massive impacts on your business both in terms of how many clients you can reach as well the benefits to your bottom line.

But becoming an industry leading instructor is not easy. It requires a certain type of person—not just someone who wants to chase the dream of reaching 10x the clients they’re working with today. Being an instructor requires a tremendous amount of personal and professional investment not only to develop the training materials you need to deliver but also the qualities and the skills that you need to achieve client learning that will set you and your business apart from everyone else.

You will need to want to learn. Being an industry leading instructor is a journey, not a sprint, where you will continuously learn & evolve along the way to improving teaching outcomes.

You will need to want to grow & this means educating your customers towards independence so that you can focus on bigger and better things with them.

Above all you need to want to make a difference, not only to yourself, but to others.

What We’ll Achieve

As your Instructional Coach & Mentor we will achieve your Business & Training goals, and along the way you will be challenged but here are some of the services that you’ll make use of on your journey.

1-to-1 Coaching & Mentoring

Lesson Rehearsal & Feedback

Rehearse your training before you deliver

Allow practice of lessons without a class. Instructing is learned skill, and a skill which you develop not only before you deliver training but also while you’re delivering training to a live audience of clients.

The first lessons are always the hardest, so the ‘Lesson rehearsal & feedback’ service is an environment where you can test & evaluate your lesson before you deliver it to clients. Here you can experiment safely & try new things.

Lesson Auditing

Lesson plan check and structure appraisal is where we work through your lesson plans to ensure that you have the correct structure, aids and flow to your training lesson as well as making sure that you cover all of the required teaching objectives to make sure you leave nothing out, and that you’re lessons are ready for rehearsal & delivery.

Course Auditing

Course plan check and appraisal is where we work together and work through every aspect of the program you prepare for your clients before rollout. This is where we look at and assess your course from qualifying your clients, the course schedules, resources & documentation through to setting up the review process to improve your course for your next class.

Independent Assessment & Feedback

How do you think your training went? As part of the passive assessment and review of training lessons, we work through the objective performance and subjective indicators to identify areas of improvement & set milestones in order to greatly boost the quality of your instruction, and take your teaching to the next level.

Are you ready?

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