Market Volatility and Your Money

You’d have to be living in a cave without reception to not know how expensive life has become or to understand how much less your hard-earned dollar is worth. Fuel is up, food is up, rent is up, rates are up … stress is up! And above all there is the need to keep up!

Saving is one thing, but when the hourly rate starts to barely scrape by keeping ones life and life style afloat something has to change. Of all times, the means to earn money and to make it work has never been more important.

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Is the Inflation Bubble About to Pop?

With the last few sets of Inflation data coming in over the last few months, it does perhaps look like the worst of the inflation nightmare is behind us … the peak looks to have past. In Fact the last round of data came in at expectation.

But make no mistake … just because the peaks looks to have past, doesn’t mean that the economic picture has suddenly become nice and rosy. Let’s just rip the band-aid off … things aren’t good. The last year-on-year CPI figure (Dec 14’22) came in at +7.1%, up from +6.8% 12 months earlier. That’s still 14.4% in 2 years. Hell, the Month-on-Month number was still +0.1% … inflation is going up … still. [1]

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Fixer-Uppers & Income after Retirement.

Seniors Can Start a Successful House-Flipping Business With This Guide

Written by Guest Author, Teresa Greenhill, from

House-flipping is a big industry these days as more people discover the advantages it offers, and it’s become a great way for older adults to earn income after retirement. It may seem like an overwhelming task to find the perfect home and renovate it to sell, and while it can be a big job, it mostly requires careful planning and research. Knowing how to find the right home, when to tackle DIY projects and when to let a pro take over, and how to fund the project can go a long way toward making this endeavor a success.

Take a look at a few of these helpful tips before getting started:

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Crashes, Crypto & Money Disasters

Full Disclosure: The Author [Richard Ronc] has no cryptocurrency holdings.

The last week in the markets have been … interesting to say the least. Volatility is not merely a word that should be used to tell people that something is going bad.  Volatility can also send things the other way … violently, with bone snapping force. We saw that on Thursday – finely enough the Core Price inflation report came in ‘better than expected’ along with unemployment claims showing a potential sign of economic slowdown and as a result … the markets took off.

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Markets, Inflation, Recession & What Comes Next

Disclaimer: None of the following is legal or financial advice in anyway, and such advice should be sought from a legal and/or financial professional.

Despite what some may believe, there are few things more divisive or as important as money. After all it is the very lifeblood of entire economies, businesses, livelihoods and for many their personal dreams, goals and ambitions.

Its pretty safe to say that when it comes to money, and the markets, things seem to be in a pretty big mess at the moment. Fear and greed are rife, Supply and demand are out of balance, policy makers are … at the core of every major market and economic move, and some of the decisions just simply don’t even seem to make the smallest bit of sense.

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