Are you Presenting or Teaching?

Presenting and teaching are similar but have differences.
What is the difference between the two?

If you were asked by someone to explain the difference between presenting and teaching what would you say?

You’d probably suggest that there isn’t much difference, right?

Now if you were delivering training, would you know whether you presented or whether you taught?

Chances are you’d be wondering ‘Aren’t they the same thing?’

After all presenting and teaching have many similarities. Both involve the delivery of information. Each can be done within the same environment, to the same audience, and both can be ‘carried out’ by the same people 
& both can be done in many of the same ways

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10 Tips to being an Awesome Instructor

There are few roles in a community or an organization that come with the responsibilities of a being a teacher. After all teachers and educators are the one who have the responsibility of communicating correct information to others. On top of that and everything that goes with it, an instructor’s aim is to achieve independence in the person being taught.

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When are you ready to Instruct?

The day will come when you teach others

A step into the Unknown

There are many key points in life. Graduating from High School, getting your driver’s license, getting your first full time job, moving out, the list goes on.

Each event is significant because each is a new experience . . . a venture into the unknown. Venturing into the unknown comes with uncertainty—getting out of your comfort zone.

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Coaching & Teaching-What’s the Difference?

Coaching and teaching, what is the difference?

Coaching and teaching, what is the difference, and which one are you doing?

Coaching and Teaching are very closely related! In fact some instructors will often coach during teaching and vice versa. So if they are so similar how do you know which one you’re doing and when to do so? Continue reading

Instruction Uncut: Do you need an education to be an instructor?

Disclaimer: Some professional subject matter is subject to official academic requirements and certifications

Is education or experience more important?

Bill Gates. Educated? Successful? absolutely! What is more important-education or experience?

“I’m just a regular person. I can’t be an instructor. I’m not formally qualified in this. I cant be a teacher.”

Self doubt is something that every instructor goes through, but what if the doubt meant nothing. what if you could transform yourself personally and professionally as an instructor?

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Instruction Uncut: Information Overload, How to remember Everything

Structures, Details, names … what happens when I get to this screen again? What did i need to do here?

What are the four stages …? What did they say? What am I supposed to do?

When you’ve been shown something new or you’ve just been taught a new skill, these are questions that you will often ask yourself as you try to remember what comes next.
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Instruction Uncut: The Emergency Scenario

 1 in a 1000, 1 in a Million? There are some situations which are really unlikely or there are some situations which probably just wont happen, so you might be wondering do you really need to teach it, to prepare for it?

In this presentation we explore the emergency situation and why you shouldn’t ignore it, as well as how to think about preparing for that unlikely but possible event.


Instruction Uncut: Theory or Revision

Students learn in different ways. Teaching can be done in various ways too. As a novice instructor you may be wondering why theory and revision lessons work differently and achieve different outcomes.

So is one better than another? I take a look at both lesson types, both Theory in teaching and revision to discuss how they work together to provide the desired teaching outcomes.