Instruction Uncut: Do you need an education to be an instructor?

Disclaimer: Some professional subject matter is subject to official academic requirements and certifications

“I’m just a regular person, I can’t be an instructor. I’m not formally qualified in this, I cant be a teacher.”

Self doubt is something that every instructor goes through, but what if the doubt meant nothing, and you could transform yourself personally and professionally as an instructor?

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Instruction Uncut: Information Overload, How to remember Everything

Structures, Details, names … what happens when I get to this screen again? What did i need to do here?

What are the four stages …? What did they say? What am I supposed to do?

When you’ve been shown something new or you’ve just been taught a new skill, these are questions that you will often ask yourself as you try to remember what comes next.
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Instruction Uncut: The Emergency Scenario

 1 in a 1000, 1 in a Million? There are some situations which are really unlikely or there are some situations which probably just wont happen, so you might be wondering do you really need to teach it, to prepare for it?

In this presentation we explore the emergency situation and why you shouldn’t ignore it, as well as how to think about preparing for that unlikely but possible event.


Instruction Uncut: Theory or Revision

Students learn in different ways. Teaching can be done in various ways too. As a novice instructor you may be wondering why theory and revision lessons work differently and achieve different outcomes.

So is one better than another? I take a look at both lesson types, both Theory in teaching and revision to discuss how they work together to provide the desired teaching outcomes.

Taking on the Challenge

754px-The_Wright_Brothers_First_Heavier-than-air_Flight_-_GPN-2002-000128-1494867208What does it mean when you say yes or no to something?

I want you to think of something that you were asked to do recently that just seemed out of reach—impossible to get done.

Chances are that when it was given to you it came across like this, ‘What do you think you . . .’ or ‘Do you think you could . . .’ where whoever asked the question truly would have expected a Yes or No answer.

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Are you qualified?

Are You still up to date?downhill mountain biking_2

The question can also be—Are you still qualified to do your job? Harsh question right? After all who am I to ask you out there whether you’re qualified to do the work you do? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to offend, but I found myself pondering the legitimacy of the question. Continue reading

Someone is always looking.

news1Of all of the things you may ever have to do as a leader, or any person in a leadership position—nothing is more time consuming than what it means to keep an eye on people, and most specifically yourself. Looking inwards, being self-critical at all times can sometimes be mentally exhausting.

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