Subjects you cannot teach

Some Subjects do have teaching restrictions

Sometimes there are Teaching restrictions. A few weeks ago, we looked at the question of ‘Do you need an education to teach?‘ Now the answer in that installment was a “no”, but in this weeks installment i’m going to add a bit more clarity to that presentation. 


There is a mis-alignment between what anyone can teach and to who that subject matter can be taught to.

Simply put, even sensitive material can be taught by anyone to anyone else, but there will be regulations in place as to who and how that knowledge can be employed.

The more sensitive a field is, the more restrictions will be in place. so in this episode we explore the material, the people and the usage with some more depth.

Quite Simply

Quite simply you can teach someone anything, but just because you’ve taught someone, does not mean they can go off and use it.

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