10 Tips to being an Awesome Instructor

There are few roles in a community or an organization that come with the responsibilities of a being a teacher. After all teachers and educators are the one who have the responsibility of communicating correct information to others. On top of that and everything that goes with it, an instructor’s aim is to achieve independence in the person being taught.

When we think about everything that we have been taught by someone, why is it that we barely ever say to ourselves or others that we were taught by someone who was really good?

The list of possible reasons can be lengthy & extensive.

So what makes instructors great, and how do we become awesome instructors?

Once again the list of reasons is long and extensive, but there are a number of factors that separate excellent instructors from the rest who we seemingly forget.

In this video we explore the top 10 tips to remember to be aware of that separate regular teachers from awesome instructors.

If you’re involved in instruction of any sort these tips will give you a major head start to becoming an instructor who is not only remembered by those you teach, but an instructor who will be sought out to teach others.

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